Privacy policy

Sarie privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Last Updated: August 20, 2020
– Thanks for your trust in the application “Sarie” and Sarie Institution for Business
Services in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
– This policy “Privacy Policy” shall apply to the application and all the services
provided through it and all the services or the other applications and sites belonging
to us and which participate with us in providing the services and it shall form an
integral part of terms and conditions.
– When you use our services, you trust our application and you make us responsible
for protecting your data. We realize the volume of this responsibility. We seriously
work for protecting your data and we give you the control over it according to the
practices of this policy. This privacy policy aims at helping you to understand what
data is that we collect and process in relation to you, the reasons for collecting and
processing it, its limits, the limits of sharing it, the standards of disclosing it and the
method of updating and deleting it.
This policy should be carefully read before using the application and the policy
includes the following sections:
Section 1: Definitions
In this policy unless otherwise required by the context, the following terms shall have
the meanings referred to.
“Sarie”, “The application”, “we”, “Us” or “Our” shall refer to the application
“Sarie” and the website “” as well as Sarie Institution for Business
“User”, “you” or "your” shall refer to each person who visit or uses the application
in any of its forms whether he is a store, shop, restaurant, Courier or customer etc.
“Customer” shall refer to each person ordering the delivery services from the
“Delivery Services” shall refer to the delivery services done by the Courier in the
interest of the customer and they shall include the delivery from stores, shops,
restaurants and packages delivery or any other service.
“Orders” shall refer to all the orders and purchases ordered by the customer from
the Courier to be delivered including but not limited to (restaurants and various
“Package” refers to stuff and belongings that are ordered to be delivered between
private individuals, so that the customer asks the Courier to deliver the package from
one house to another house or from one place to another.
“Courier” shall refer to each Courier not belonging to us and registered in the
application for providing the delivery services in an independent way in the interest
of the customer.
“Service Provider” refers to shops, restaurants, stores, productive families and or
any entity, whether commercial or individual provides service of selling, whether it


is registered in the application or appears on the map or its address is being entered
manually by the customer, and from which the Courier delivers orders from them to
the customer.
“Vehicle” shall refer to the vehicle used by the Courier in connection with
performing the services of transport to the customer and whose data and documents
have been provided by him in the registration form in the application.
“Policy” shall refer to this document as well as the terms and conditions contained
“Contract” refers to the contract between the platform on one hand and the
Courier/service provider on other hand, which contains special provisions
complementary to the provisions of this Agreement.
“Data” shall refer to the data collected about the user or the data he provides to us or
the data collected about the devices he uses while communicating with the store or
the data connected with visiting and using the store.
Section 2: Data we collect about you
We might collect, use and process the following data about you:
(1) The data of registering the account of the Courier and the vehicle (triple name,
gender, Mobile Phone No, E-mail, date of birth, the city in which he is desired to
work in and the bank account).
(2) The data of registering the vehicle (car production, car type, car model and the
plate number).
(3) The Courier will attach the following documents to the application (photo ID ,
driver's license photo, license photo " registration", car photo from the front and
(4) The data of registering the account of the customer (Name, Address, E-mail,
Mobile Phone No.).
(5) The data of registering the account of the service provider (The name of the shop
in the municipality license, the description of the shop address in writing, the shop
link on Google Maps, the contact number, and working hours and days).
(6) The service provider will attach the following documents to the application
(commercial register photo, municipality license photo, and shop's board photo).
(7) The data you might provide us with while providing the services or at any time
including but not limited to the address, credit card No or the other data we ask you
to provide or the data of your location.
(8) The data you provide us with upon reporting a problem related to your use of the
application or with Courier or customer.
(9) The data of electronic payment of the customer necessary for paying for the
orders and the commission of the of the application as well as the data of electronic
payment of the Courier necessary to receive his dues or bank account No of the
Courier for transferring his dues according to the conditions of the contract.
(10) The data you provide us with upon the occurrence of a problem related to the
process of online payment of the amounts you must pay or the commission due to us.


(11) The data you provide us with upon the contact with us or with our technical
(12) The data we see to be necessary for ascertaining your identity or ascertaining the
validity and legality of any operations you carry out via the application including a
photo copy of your ID card.
(13) We maintain all the data related to your transactions or activities you carry out
via the application.
(14) We maintain the data you provided us with upon the answering by you of the
questions or questionnaires via the application.
(15) You know and acknowledge with consent that we might collect your data in our
online records or paper records according to what we deem appropriate.
Section 3: Cookies Policy
Correlation definition files “Cookies” are text small files stored on your device once
you visit the application and they don’t appear in the form of a program and they
don’t bear viruses or espionage techniques at all and these files shall be used for the
following purposes:
(1) Cookies are used for the purposes of providing services where they help us
understand the using method by the visitors and users of the application.
(2) Cookies help us discover errors and repair them. Also, they help us develop our
application and provide better content appropriate to the user as well as a better
provision of the service.
(3) Cookies help us you find the data you need during your use of the application.
(4) They help you through your mobile phone control the settings of cookies and
control they in the way that is suitable for you.
(5) We don’t have any authority over the correlation definition files related to other
bodies and you undertake to have access to the privacy policies and the use of the
cookies files related to these bodies.
Section 4: Age
The Courier and the customer shall be stipulated to be 18 years old at least for
registering an account with us in the application, provision of services or benefiting
from them.
Section 5: Account
(1) We require from you to create your account in the application for allocating your
experience while using the services and enabling the Courier to provide the service
as well as enabling the customer to benefit from them in addition to securing the
electronic payment process and it shall be permitted for us not to stipulate the
account in view of the promotional symbols provided to the new users of the
(2) When the Courier/customer/service provider creates an account in the application,
 Acknowledge that the information is true, legal and connected with him as well as
the correspondence to the data required via the application.


 Undertakes to maintain the accuracy of the information and data he provided via
the application or through the contract.
 You acknowledge that your use of the services shall not violate any law or
regulations in force or any of the conditions herein.
 You acknowledge that you shall be liable for the user name and password of your
account as well as for the disclosure of data done via this account.
Section 6: Limits of our use of your data
We are always bound by protecting your privacy. Consequently, we use your
personal data for the following purposes:
(1) Enabling you to use our services in the best way and providing always the best to
(2) Creating your account or your personal file through which we communicate with
us via the application.
(3) Processing the data you provide via our services such checking your e-mail or
that your phone No is active, fit for use and owned by you.
(4) To enable the customer to submit orders and pay for the services he orders
through the application and notify the customer via electronic or text message in case
the cancellation of the order is accepted.
(5) To enable the service provider/Courier to pay the commissions payable by him
via the electronic payment means and to receive their dues.
(6) To allow for tracking orders and communicate with the delivery Courier and for
managing the orders the intervening in solving the problems in case the
customer/Courier/service provider request so. In this case, we shall be entitled to
have access to the content, all the agreements and messages.
(7) Receiving your questions, complaints and inquiries as well as replying them.
(8) Receiving your comments and assessment of the service you received via our
application as well as replying them.
(9) Processing your answers to the questionnaires offered via the application.
(10) Providing you with the information about services you order via our application.
(11) Providing you with the information about services we think you are interested in
including our special offers.
(12) For the purposes of internal work such as improving our services.
(13) For allocating the content, recommendations and advertisements we offer or
offered by third parties to you.
(14) Administering and processing the competitions and promotional offers.
(15) Communicating with you in relation to the governmental contacts according to
our discretion in view of the changes of the privacy policy, the conditions of use or
any of our other policies.
(16) For complying with the regulatory and legal obligations.
(17) For the purposes revealed at the time of providing of your information with your
agreement and according to this privacy policy.
(18) We use your data for the purposes of implementing our terms and conditions as
well as the payment of amounts you must pay.


(19) We use your data for solving problems and preventing the illegal activities
including the deception and hacking acts.
(20) We use your data for providing you with what is new in relation to our services,
modifying them or improving them including the online communication with you via
the messages of e-mail or phone through contacting you at your phone number.
Section 7: Protection of the user’s data
(1) The application undertakes to keep your banking or personal data for the period
of time required by the nature of the transaction you are doing via the application.
(2) The application undertakes not to deal with your personal data for purposes not
authorized or permitted in return for a fee or not with any other body except in case
this is required from us or permitted under the relevant laws and instructions or with
a prior written consent from the user to whom the information is related.
(3) The application undertakes to keep the records containing the personal data of the
user or any records of online communications in our charge or under our control or
with our agents or employees.
(4) The application undertakes to take the reasonable steps for ensuring that the
user’s personal data and the relevant records are safely protected in a proportionate
way in relation to their importance.
(5) We undertake to protect your privacy at all times and that we shall not sell your
personal data and shall not permit its circulation with third parties.
Section 8: Sharing data of customers
We share some data of the customers with the Couriers registered in the application.
Also, we might share your data with the electronic payment bodies for authenticating
the electronic payment process you carry out through us and for securing it in
addition to returning the funds to you.
Section 9: Disclosure of your data
(1) You know and agree that the internet isn’t a safe means and the confidentiality of
your personal information can’t be fully ensured.
(2) We on our part undertake within the limits legally permitted not to uncover your
confidential information and not to use it in a way that conflicts with your right to
(3) You shall entitle us to allow our employees to deal with your personal
information within the limits of providing the services.
(4) We may disclose your personal information to any member of our group which
means our subsidiaries and our institutions.
(5) We may disclose your personal information to third parties:
 In case of the sale by us of the application or any assets belonging to us, we
shall disclose your data to the buyer.
 If we are required to disclose or share your personal data in order to comply
with any legal obligation or in order to enforce or apply our Terms and
Conditions or any other agreement.
 In case of a judicial decision or a decision rendered by a judicial body that
binds on us to do so.


 If we are required to disclose or share your personal data in order to protect the
rights, property, or safety of “Sarie”, our employees, our customers, or others.
 This includes exchanging information with other companies and organisations
for protection against credit risk and fraud.
Section 10: Enforcement of Law
(1) For implementing nay legal requests, we might reveal the IP address of the user
and all the data registered in the registration form or provided to us by the user at any
time as well as all the activities and transactions he has done via the application.
This, shall be determined based on the request, decision or the judicial decision
rendered to us.
(2) The application provides the Communications and Information Technology
Commission with any report or information requested among the requirements of
applying the document (arrangements of providing delivery service via electronic
platforms) within the prescribed period, as stipulated in the Authority's request.
(3) The application electronically connects to the Communications and Information
Technology Commission's platform for the applications of delivery under the
mechanism and specifications specified in the relevant document in this regard.
(4) The application creates a database that includes all the basic information about
the delivery Courier, including the dates of their joining to the application, actions
taken against them regarding the deletion or blocking from the application, and the
dates of that as well as recorded requests, and this data is kept for at least six (6)
months from the date when it is entered.
Section 11: Obligations of Couriers and Customers
(1) The customer knows and agrees that the application controls only the data
collected by itself or providing by the customer to us and we have no control over
any data provided by the customer to the Courier. Thus, the customer shall be bound
not to disclose any unnecessary personal data to the Couriers for the provision of
services. Also, the customer shall be liable for providing directly any data to the
Couriers without any legal or joint liability of the application.
(2) The Couriers shall be bound to keep all the data obtained from the customers
whether through us or the customers themselves and the Courier acknowledges not to
exploit this data in relation to any sale, communication, direct or indirect or any
exploitation of data whatsoever without having the consent of the customer who
owns the data. In case of the breach by the Courier of these obligations, he shall incur
all the liability, claims and compensations without our liability.
Section 12: Updates
(1) We shall be entitled to modify our privacy policy at anytime and we shall publish
a general notice of the new modifications via the application. Also, we shall update
“Last Updated” at the top of this document.
(2) Your continuity of using the application after updating this policy shall be
deemed to be an express consent by you to these modifications and a legal
acceptance of the new practices and terms.


(3) In case you don’t agree on the new modifications and updates, you must
immediately suspend the use of the application.
(4) You should have access to the privacy policy from time to another in relation to
its terms and updates.
Section 13: Contacting us
You can contact us at anytime via:
 E-mail Address:
 The option of "support" that exists within the application.